Head Artist/ Co-Founder of Copeley Designs

Kelly Aiken is a 30 year old artist and creative designer living the south Charlotte, NC area. Ms. Aiken graduated from the University of Virginia in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture Design. After working for an architecture firm as a marketing director in Boston, MA, Kelly switched fields into the art world as an Assistant Creative Director at The Paint Bar. She lead studio instruction to customers, created new calendar content for two brick and mortar locations, and recruited artistic talent by hiring new team members to ensure operational success. 

After moving back south, Kelly's daughter, Copeley, was born in November 2016, and she became a stay- at- home mother and artist. Copeley Designs Art officially launched February 2018, with original abstract gold leaf art in local galleries, as well as prints through West Elm. Kelly also teaches gold leaf abstract art and Charlotte Skyline art through Skillpop Charlotte. 


Co-Founder of Copeley Designs

Copeley Aiken is the daughter of Kelly Aiken . She can say her "ABC's", count to 20, and loves to read and eat (all day)! Copeley loves to work with mom in the studio, and helps with the gilding gold process. She is a true inspiration for many art pieces- bright, energetic, and fresh.

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