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from the first Conceptual Art class with Gold class

"I loved learning how to gold leaf. I also liked the information on conceptual art and relaxing with whatever we wanted to use as our medium. Your tips were helpful."

- Conceptual Art with Gold Leaf Anonymous Review

"Kelly's virtual class offered specific examples about contemporary art and gold leaf techniques and her instruction was easy to understand and follow, even in a virtual setting. Her class was helpful and so fun for any art lover and artists. There were 20+ attendees in this class and I felt connected with everyone... and engaged with the relaxing and creative process. I enjoyed it very much!"

- Conceptual Art with Gold Leaf Anonymous Review

"Kelly gave a very interesting but brief look at the history of conceptual art and then gave of several exercises to develop our own conceptual art. I don’t think I would have appreciated what we were creating without hearing the history of conceptual art. I found the class to be enjoyable and it has inspired me to create more art in my free time."

- Conceptual Art with Gold Leaf Anonymous Review