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Abstract Mural Walls (and fun news)!

AHHH! Can't wait to share an amazing opportunity my small business had this week! This "thing" will come out in December, but until then I will show some sneak peaks of the spaces I worked on.

All of these walls are in my own home, I love giving each room their own statement pop! I know I am NOT an interior designer, but I loved being able to pair my favorite style items with the boho gold walls, making this house a home! Adding texture to the guest room as well with a Justina Blakeney Light and an original art latch hook butterfly rug (made by local CLT artist Amber King).

(Sourced items from Home Goods, amazon, Target, etc.)

Want to see my lastest Viral video??? I caused somewhat of a TikTok stir with this one!

I am so honored that more than half a million people liked this wall, but we all know that sometimes people dislike my art too! I know my art isn't for everyone, but thats why I love my support system and true friends that do follow me and this crazy journey of creativity! By the way- Danny loved the room, it was a good cross between traditional and glam. I am so lucky my husband loves my art and lets me be a paint mess all over our home.

Come learn beautiful statement Abstract Accent Walls with Gold Leafing online with me, artist Kelly Aiken of Copeley Designs Art! Purchase the online tutorial course here to receive the Password to access the materials. Wall designs copyright Copeley Designs Art. Please tag me when you finish your design @copeley_designs_art on Instagram or TikTok!

Goals for 2021- more golden walls!!!! I started mural work in 2020 during the pandemic, and now I paint this style for clients all around Charlotte, NC and the Virginia area. Contact me for an original Kelly Aiken wall design at

xoxo, Kelly



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