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Charlotte Magazine x Copeley Designs Art

So excited to talk Charlotte Magazine now that the issue is on shelves and in stores! I am honored and floored to be featured in the Style Section of the January 2022 issue, featuring a photoshoot with my studio, Gold Leaf mural wall art, and even original bracelet work. I had so much fun with photographer Olly Young, who is a very talented professional, photographing for major magazines in the CLT and CA area.

For 2022, my goals are more golden abstract walls, a beautiful Solo show this late spring with the Creative theme of mental health awareness (canvas and installation works), and also raising more money to donate to mental health organizations through Original art bracelets sales (and hopefully new, rings)! I will be taking a limited # of canvas works this year due to my solo show, reach out ASAP for commission work.

and here:

Want to learn abstract bold walls with me? Purchase the online tutorial course here to receive the Password to access the materials. Wall designs copyright Copeley Designs Art. Tag me @copeleydesigns when you finish your walls!

Thanks, Kelly



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