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Copeley Designs Solo Show

Beauty is more than skin deep, scars and marks help tell life’s layered story. For those struggling with Dermatillomania, it can be hard to show yourself kindness the same way you would to others. By "Controlling the Uncontrollable” - creating art though mediums of broken glass, resin, gold, and pigment - I am able to create beautiful works of art to express emotions and heal from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


"Distorting Reflections"

Saturday, MAY 7th, 2022 Artisan's Palate Charlotte, NC

Through experimenting with reflection distortion, art therapy has been a way to heal mental health and skin. Within these works of art, I have broken mirrors, added holographic pigment , and sealed reflective resin to represent my journey living with dermatillomania. Gilding gold leaf and painting with new mediums has allowed me to have control over this OCD through art work, creating something beautiful through ever changing emotions.

Can't wait to meet you at the show,




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