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"Gilded Skyline" Collection coming soon!

What's up friends?! I am here in studio working hard on the "Gilded Skyline" series, dropping early June! I am busy sketching, designing, and painting new city angles for my art lovers to enjoy! Sneak peak below at some of the wild new looks and palette colors:

I was aiming for a summer vibe, but also making sure that all people, men and women alike, can enjoy and hang these works in their homes. Payne's Grey, blacks, and grey, with a pop of bold bright seafoam, orange, and gold shine (you may even catch magenta pops- Copeley's idea). It has been a dream to paint new cities I have lived in and visited to: Boston & DC were old homes, and NYC & Nashville have been awesome vacations!

ALSO- CLASS TOMORROW!!!! Are you more of a "learn painting and art" than "collect the art" type??? Come join me tomorrow night learning and painting your own abstract skylines. Gold Leafing lesson included, information here!

Email subscribers will receive a NEW little gift with their purchase, so join my email list now (no spam)! Thank you for joining and following my creative art journey, I love helping make spaces #abitmorebeautiful.


Kelly Aiken



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