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Mural Walls 2021

Good day Art lovers! I am so honored that 2021 has become the year of murals at CD Art! From beautiful florals, to abstract drip creations, I have been painting interior walls all over the Charlotte, NC and into Virginia.

February brought an awesome fireplace design to a couple near Lake Norman, NC! March was a Charlottesville, VA mural for a cute new big sister moving to a big girl room! That wall design went viral on Tik Tok here! Doesn't the gold leaf shine in the sunlight beautifully while I'm gilding by the window?

The floral walls take a little longer, but bring me such joy to complete, my big labor of love! I still vibe my abstract techniques while shaping flower and leaf designs, mixed of course with gold leafing shine!

I will be doing a Live Q and A with an interior designer in Canada! She reached out, from finding my walls on Pinterest, and because she can't hire me during the pandemic, we will talk shop together! Christine and I will be on her IG for this amazing abstract wall tutorial session, tune in if you are feeling like trying your own wall design with gilded gold!!

Interested in booking a CD Art Gilding wall design? Email me here

Thank you for joining and following my creative art journey, I love helping make spaces #abitmorebeautiful.


Kelly Aiken



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