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Skillpop x Copeley Designs 2022 Conceptual Modern Art Class

Skillpop x Copeley Designs Art

Want to learn abstract art, but need a bit more guidance with modern simplicity?

Conceptual Art Class with Kelly Aiken is a modern fun twist to conceptual art ideas, glammed in Gold Leaf! I have updated my slideshow history lessons about famous Conceptual Artists for this fun class, where we break down ways to tackle modern art (with golden shine) in a thought driven way! For those Type- A folks, this abstract art class has "rules" and may be the new style of art for you! We will dive deep into why some art pieces are immediately "head scratchers", and if the artist intended this to be.

Join me in 2022 for new Skillpop Gold Leafing classes with Kelly Aiken!!!!

Sign ups are now online here!!!!

xoxo, Kelly



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