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Wall Mural Work



Welcome to the Copeley Designs blog! I am here to talk LARGE ART- Accent wall murals! This is a new direction I would love to continue creating, the scale of interior mural art is a beautiful challenge to my practice, and I am eager to persue! Gilding gold for interiors, adding that texture and shine with gold metal leafing, creates a statement design. I work with Latex Interior paint, I have used flat and satin paints, usually Valspar brand.

The wall below is located in a residential home in Charlotte, NC. The client wanted to bring a pop of glam and texture to her wall, tying in with an existing color palette in her living space. I made a small study painting on paper before executing the design on the wall. Gilding the gold was my favorite step because she had so many windows that allowed it to really shine.

Interested in a custom accent abstract drip mural in your space? Contact me here to discuss size and color details!

Thank you for your support!!!!

Kelly Aiken



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