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Free Art Project for Kids!


Hey Gorgeous!

Welcome to the blog of Artist Kelly Aiken of Copeley Designs Art, I am so excited to have you all here. This week I have 4 commissions going on in the studio, I will be busy!

Let's talk quarantine and kiddos real quick. Man, it has been a challenge for us. I love my three year old, but I accomplish way less than planned while she is home. I only have one child, but Copeley and I really had to work hard to figure out a schedule during COVID-19. I enjoy her company in my studio, but with some of my larger commission projects I have going on, it is an unrealistic request to ask the three year old not to touch anything.

Because I am still making the decision to keep Copeley home (her preschool is open, but we will wait a bit longer), I have had to incorporate a little bit of learning into our home schedule. Of course, if I was to ever become a teacher, every lesson would involve art!!!! Below I have attached a new City Skyline Art Activity we made up to try with kids of all ages.



Canvas, Cardboard, or paper to mount collage pieces on

Paper Towel

Tray (less mess)

Food Coloring or watercolor paint

Construction paper

Scissors (or rip technique)

Elmers Glue


Step 1: Lay the paper towel on the tray. Drip food coloring and/ or paint on to paper towel. Let dry, then rip into pieces.

Step 2: Glue paper towel pieces on to the canvas

Step 3: Cut construction paper rectangles for buidlings

Step 4: Glue cut construction paper pieces along the bottom of the canvas, building up the city skyline and skyscrapers

Step 4: Add building details (windows, etc) with marker

Step 5: Ready to hang in its new home


Thank you for joining my creative art journey, helping make spaces #abitmorebeautiful.




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