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Color palette for new series release


Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the blog of Artist Kelly Aiken of Copeley Designs Art! I am so excited to finally share some sneak peaks at the "Abstracted Summer" series I began this week in the studio. Traveling to the beach was just what this artist needed for new inspiration in the studio. The new collection will feature 7 affordable smaller works in acrylic, all of course with gold leafing! LAUNCHING AUGUST 3RD AT 7PM FOR EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS- first dibs of course!

The palette is inspired by colors that stood out along the beach trip most. A few small notes about my choices:

  • My parents stayed in an orange house, we stayed in a seafoam blue house (orange and seafoam)

  • The sky most nights turned a beautiful deep coral, and the ocean seemed just a little bluer this trip, my mom and I obsessed on this (blue Payne's grey)

  • There were a few scattered thunderstorms during our visit, comes with being by the shore (light grey)

There is a FREE original art giveaway introducing the 3 landscapes launching in the series. The winner is picked tonight, July 24th, at 9pm! Please go to this link to enter!

Details- 9x12 original with gold metal leafing, $100 value

Thank you for joining and following my creative art journey, I love helping make spaces #abitmorebeautiful.

Kelly Aiken



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