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Talking new summer series


Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the blog of Artist Kelly Aiken of Copeley Designs Art! The "Abstracted Summer" series is COMPLETE in the studio, ready for the collection release! There are now 8 affordable smaller works in acrylic, all of course with gold leafing, launching on AUGUST 3RD AT 7PM FOR EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS. Did you know subscribers get FREE shipping the rest of the year? (sign up on

The original art FREE giveaway last week went amazing, the winner was Caitlin Andersen! Follow my profile on instagram for future free art giveaways, the next is a free PRINT giveaway in October. The beach landscape piece recieved amazing feedback, and I am excited to release the 3 paper landscapes below!

This collection also features a NEW look, paper pieces mounted on cradle board! This classy look allows paper art to be ready to hang without additional framing. All paper pieces are varnished to seal/protect the gold leafing.

Thank you for joining and following my creative art journey, I love helping make spaces #abitmorebeautiful.

Kelly Aiken



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