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About the Artist



Welcome to the blog of Artist Kelly Aiken of Copeley Designs Art, I am so excited to have you all here. I will write about once a week, and post every Monday night. I want to dive into the good stuff, but first a quick introduction for those who don't know me!

I am a twenty- something artist who gets carded regularly for 5 hour energy at CVS (Yes- this happens, I look very young haha). I am currently in the middle of a move from Charlotte, NC to Lynchburg, VA, trying to channel my inner Marie Kondo while packing. My art career started back in 2013, officially launching Copeley Designs Art in February 2018. I have LOVED being a stay- at- home mother and artist, but I am so excited to announce that I am moving studios to a location outside of my home. With Copeley starting preschool soon, I am ready to take my business to the next level, working as a full-time artist!


What can you find on Copeley Designs Blog?

I will give free bonus material and painting tips, show techniques through videos, announce news, paintings, and collections, and let my readers know about upcoming shows and sales!

Next week I will launch the first free bonus material on my blog: an ART MATERIAL LIST!!!

Did you know I teach Gold Leaf Abstract Art classes for ?

When teaching, I recommend products/ materials to create your own DIY gold leaf abstract piece successfully! SkillPop Roanoke, Virginia launches on June 3rd, 2019!


Thank you for joining my creative art journey, making spaces #abitmorebeautiful.

Kelly Aiken



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