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WHY behind the "Golden Skyline" Collection, available today

Morning from the studio in Charlotte! I am here drinking coffee, putting final touches on the marketing side of this cityscape art release! I announced this week that the "Golden Skyline" Collection is done, dropping 11am Oct 3 for my amazing email subscribers!

I have hand sketched each city to make sure all the 2021 skyscrapers are included in each ever changing skyline--Soon this collection will be considered my vintage collection because of all the new architecture in each city!

Washington DC means childhood to me. Being a kid in the Virginia suburbs meant driving in about monthly to DC to create those memories. Whether I had a field trip to a museum, family trip for fireworks or The National Christmas Tree lighting, or even a shopping trip for my wedding dress, I enjoyed moments in this city.

Boston, MA means early adulthood and FREEDOM to me, which also means growing up. I remember calling my mom often from this city, saying "Damn, you were right (about life)". I came to Boston with a brand new job in the Architectural Design world, allowing me to appreciate buildings as being unique landmarks of art. I watched my husband play for the NFL New England Patriots, making his dreams come true, which also allowed me to begin painting again. Sometimes not all was perfect, experiencing the Boston Marathon bombings is not at all a positive memory, but I grew so much from that tragic day and ran the marathon for charity the following year. I really enjoyed moments in this historic city, oh, and I loved the seafood!

Nashville means family! The last trip I took to Nashville was to see family that I haven't connected with in a long time, family of my biological mother who passed away. Some family I had yet to meet, and it was amazing to spend time with them, especially during a cool moment like the solar eclipse. We even took a painting class together.

New York City means excitement for me! This was always a city I visited and never called home, but some big memories with friends were made. Celebrating my sweet 16 with Mom and Best Friend (was in the background of The Today Show filming), my husband playing for the NFL Giants for 3 months- allowing us to enjoy a Christmas in The Big Apple, and lastly, even a throwback memory to college when my group on an architecture school trip made a NYC pit stop till 4am!

Last but not least, Charlotte, NC means FAMILY AND PASSION to me. Copeley, my daughter, was born here, and so was Copeley Designs Art. I was able to pursue my dreams of becoming an artist while also becoming a mom. It was a total package deal! It wasn't all easy- my mental health and body health both had some ups and downs, but I learned so much about art as a beautiful therapy for my OCD.

Be sure to see the shop for all pictures of the collection (password locked for subscribers until Monday). Email subscribers will receive free shipping if purchased on launched day, Sunday! Local CLT purchases come with a "Van Gogh Charlotte Skyline" Gold Leaf Sticker. Thank you for supporting and following my business, I love helping make spaces #abitmorebeautiful.


Kelly Aiken



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