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"Winter in Contemplation" Collection

11 AM EST launch!


Hey You, so excited to finally show off the COMPLETED Winter Collection to my website subscribers today! There are now 11 affordable works (plus two study works) in acrylic and latex layered paint, brought to life with gold leafing for the best shine and texture.

This collection features different watery painting techniques, including a few floral and framed pieces.* When I began this collection, my phone was broken and wrapping up Christmas details was hard without a working phone. I managed to survive without my "phone limb", diving deep into thoughts about enjoying the now with your people. These more neutral and gold style works are about the calming vibes I felt this winter while removed from the chaos of online. Inspiration of winter sky, calming early morning coffee, and of course the bold energy of my sweet three year old, Copeley. This holiday season was a calm enjoyable end to a year of crazy, and I wanted to continue that vibe into the new fresh year of 2021.

Thank you for joining and following my creative art journey, I love helping make spaces #abitmorebeautiful.

Kelly Aiken

*All gold leaf pieces are varnished to seal/protect the metal leaf.



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