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Excited to have you on the Copeley Designs blog!

This summer was exciting, seeing two amazing designers integrate my work into their beautiful homes. "Golden Desert" giclee print was styled by in Arizona! She took on the Small Space Challenge and nailed a bold statement design. Look at that mini black shiplap wall, beautiful cubby desk with crisp linework, and the modern decor touches! I am honored she used the "Golden Desert" print, available in October and November 2020 in the print shop.

"Light within the Shadows", a print styled by @michelemorganinteriors looks amazing in her vibrant music room. The energy makes you want to sing and enjoy a yummy cocktail! Both prints featured have hand gilded metal gold leafing, and hand signed signatures, an "original" touch featured in each Giclee Print art piece.

My MISSION behind the prints is to raise money and awareness for mental health. I personally have OCD, and my mother passed from bipolar depression and suicide when I was 3, my daughter Copeley's age. Proceeds from print sales are donated to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation and The Loveland Foundation.

Thank you for joining and following my creative art journey, I love helping make spaces #abitmorebeautiful.

Kelly Aiken



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