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Custom Order a Boyfriend Style Jean Jacket!

Boyfriend style jean jacket with original art and 24k gold leafing detail.

STEP 1: Choose color of jean jacket from link below (ordering this jacket is included in the cost). You can also pick another brand jacket. If you want to send a jacket you already own, email

STEP 2: Send Jacket and art design examples (atleast 3 pictures) and the jacket color link to

Many colors available at this link:

Please message me art details about your order:
- flowers
- abstract
- gold leafing or silver leafing
- quotes
- animals

Looking forward to designing a stunning jacket with you! This price includes the jacket cost and the artwork. Jackets take atleast three weeks to create, not including ordering jacket.

Order a CUSTOM Jean Jacket with Gold Leaf


The paint on this jacket is 1/2 acrylic and 1/2 textile medium. This will protect the paint from cracking and allows light laundering. To protect the 24k, a varnish seal is on the jacket. This allows a water resistant guard in rain. I do not recommend washer machine, hand wash or spot treatment only.

Washing not recommended. Jacket sprayed with a clear varnish to protect the art from weather, water resistant (I do not recommend wearing in rain).


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