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Florals on a soft Boyfriend Style Jean Jacket by Kelly Aiken

SIZE SMALL (fits baggy). Medium Blue Shade of Jean. Neon Pink painted collar edge, hem edge, and sleeve edges. 

Boyfriend style jean jacket with original art and gilded gold leaf details.

Hand painted "WORK OF ART" jacket with very detailed floral flowers and gold leaf abstract details. 


Sealed for weather- Metal Leaf seal spray plus Scotch guard. Can be worn outside, but please do not wear as a rain jacket. Water can tarnish metal leaf. 


DO NOT WASH handpainted original art. Please ask local drycleaner for help with cleaning. 


"Work of Art" Florals and Gold Leaf


The paint on this jacket is 1/2 acrylic and 1/2 textile medium. This will protect the paint from cracking and allows flexibility. To protect the gilded gold leaf, a varnish seal is on the jacket. This allows a water resistant guard in rain. I do not recommend washer machine, hand wash or spot treatment only.

Washing not recommended. Jacket sprayed with a clear varnish to protect the art from weather, water resistant (I do not recommend wearing in rain).


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